Application may refer to:

  • A verbal or written question:
  • Application for employment, a form or collection of forms that an individual seeking employment must fill out when seeking employment
  • Patent application, a request pending at a patent office for the grant of a patent
  • Application software, computer software designed to help the user to perform specific tasks
  • Function application in mathematics and computer science
  • Application (virtue), a characteristic encapsulated in diligence
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    UAE government approves a long-term residence visa for some specialized categories

    Al Wast 17 May 2024
    It is noteworthy that the UAE additionally offers professionals and investors in the categories eligible to apply for or renew a 10-year visa for AED 1,150 (AED 1,000 for the issuance and AED 150 for the application form) a 10-year long-stay visa as well. Applications' family members are qualified for 10-year visas at the same cost....

    Abu Dhabi announces facilities for obtaining an entry visa to UAE

    Al Wast 17 May 2024
    An increased number of applicants may be serviced each day thanks to a new AI-powered X-ray technology that will automate the reporting of tuberculosis (TB) screens, decrease radiologists' workload by up to 80%, and improve operational efficiency throughout the visa application process....

    Long-Term UAE Residency Visa for Environmental Champions

    The Arabian Post 16 May 2024
    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced a ... This initiative is anticipated to contribute to the nation’s environmental progress while bolstering its reputation as a global hub for sustainability efforts.via Long-Term UAE Residency Visa for Environmental Champions .......

    New UAE Blue Visa: A new visa for UAE residents for 10 years

    Akhbrna 15 May 2024
    The Blue Visa, a new visa for citizens of the United Arab Emirates, is available ... The UAE Blue Visa is a new visa available for UAE residents ... Who is eligible for the UAE Blue Visa? ... On average, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers residency visas that are good for a period of two years....

    UAE announces new 10-year Blue Residency Visa for environment heroes

    Gulf News 15 May 2024
    The UAE on Wednesday ... UAE updates visa on arrival list for citizens of 87 countries UAE leads Gulf countries in tourist visa accessibility UAE Digital Government issues advisory for expats on residence visa cancellation UAE student visa rules for new applicants, renewals outlined....

    Abu Dhabi: AI aids in identifying at-risk cancer individuals, drug development

    Khaleejtimes 15 May 2024
    Artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, stands as a powerful ally in cancer care, a medical expert said during the Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week ... Dr Faek El Jamali. Photo. Supplied ... Stay up to date with the latest news ... TB screening to be automated, ease visa application process Doctor in UAE, treatment 7,000km away in Korea ... ....

    Dubai Clarifies Tourist Visa Extension: Fees, Process, and important Details

    Al Wast 13 May 2024
    Various platforms facilitate visa renewals, ensuring a streamlined experience for applicants ... Navigating to the UAE tourist visa section, applicants peruse various visa types before selecting the most suitable option ... Upon completion of the application process, applicants anticipate visa extension outcomes within 48 hours or less....

    The procedures that facilitate obtaining a golden visa in the UAE

    Akhbrna 12 May 2024
    Before obtaining a golden residency visa, an employee can inform their employer of any changes made to their UAE residency visa ... After a prospective employee with a UAE golden residency visa cancels their work permit, they can sign a new employment contract with an existing or ......

    UAE: How can employee switch to Golden Visa through property investment in Dubai?

    Khaleejtimes 12 May 2024
    In the UAE, an individual who is residing under a UAE golden residency visa may take up employment ... Before obtaining a golden residency visa, an employee may inform the employer about the change in his or her UAE residency visa ... thereafter the UAE residency visa of such employee....

    UAE announces the opening of applications for a 10-year visa in Dubai

    Al Wast 12 May 2024
    Those who are eligible to do so might submit an application for a visa valid for ten years through Dubai ... UAE announces the opening of applications for a 10-year visa ... There are two ways to submit an application for a Dubai Gaming Visa ... Here's how to apply for the visa ... — Submitting the application via the website....

    UAE Visa Cancellation: Can You Stay After Leaving Your Job?

    Al Wast 10 May 2024
    Discover the intricacies of UAE visa cancellation ... If you find yourself leaving your position in the UAE, navigating visa cancellation can feel daunting ... This could include exploring investor visas, freelance permits (if applicable to your field), or even starting your own business in the UAE (subject to specific requirements)....

    Get Your Parents a UAE Residence Visa: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    Al Wast 07 May 2024
    Are you wondering how to get your parents a UAE residence visa? Dive into this detailed guide, covering everything from eligibility criteria to application processes and FAQs ... While there is no specific upper age limit, applicants must meet the UAE's general visa eligibility requirements, including financial stability and relationship proof....

    UAE introduces 4 Residency Visa Options for Students Cost & Process Explained

    Al Wast 07 May 2024
    Are you considering pursuing higher education in the UAE, or are you already a resident embarking on your university path? Understanding the available student visa options is crucial, whether you're seeking admission to a prestigious institution or already enrolled. Exploring student visa options in the UAE....